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Yukon Gold Casino Proves it's Legit

Is Yukon Gold Casino Legit?

There are millions of people who enjoy online casino gaming. Since the early '90s, hundreds of online casinos have been popping up all around the world providing an opportunity of comfort and play in a player's own home. Gamblers get the chance to play their favorite slot machines and poker games without the crowd and need to spend on travel, hotel fees, or having or waiting forever to get your payments. However, with money being constantly moved back and forth virtually online casino goers have to be aware of scams or if the casino is legit. One example of a casino that has a rumor swirling around that they are not legit is the Yukon Gold Casino

What is the Rumor

Many online casinos love to lure people in by advertising large bonuses as a welcome offer. This not only helps to bring in new customers, but it also helps the casino to advertise and market their casino. What made people start to believe that Yukon Gold Casino was not legit was the bonus offer that they advertised. Most casinos offer bonuses that have, for instance, as high as 50 spins with $50 or $100 and 25 free spins. A reasonable bonus for a typical casino to not question if it's a scam. The reason people question if Yukon Gold Casino is really legit I because their welcome bonus consists of a major 125 spins for only a $10 deposit. If you are a regular in online casinos, then you would realize that this is something you rarely see, and it will make you question if it's a scam.

Proof They Are Not A Scam

There are a number of inquisitive minds who wanted to know if Yukon Gold Casino was indeed legit. They made an account to the casino to see if they could find the scams themselves. After participating in several games, many players couldn't find a scam or any fake games. There are several facts that are easy to find that make Yukon Gold Casino a real legit casino and that none of their games are scams. First, it can be noted that the casino has been studied and is still being studied by the Malta Gaming Authority. The Malta Gaming Authority makes sure no site has the ability to screw their players but provide nothing but the best casino experience for their players. They are also monitored by the UK Gambling Commission who ensures that the players can be sure that they are not being scammed and have a fair chance of winning.

Players can also be sure that none of the games will scam them because they run their software with Microgaming. Microgaming is the number one leading software that casinos use all over the UK. They couldn't possibly hold such a high reputation if their games were scams. Yukon Gold Casino must be legit in order to partner up with such a first-class software company.

To further prove they are legit, still popular Yukon Gold Casino is also connected to companies like Gam Stop and BeGambleAware which are companies that make sure players are fully protected in every area of their gambling experience and not have to worry about scams. Finally, another way that Yukon Gold Casino proves its legitimacy is the simple fact that they have been around since 2004. The casino couldn't be a scam or fake if they have been in the industry for that long of a time period. If they were really reported for running scams or being fraudulent the site would have been reported and taken down immediately years ago. No online casino can run that long on scams.

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Who Is Yukon Gold Casino?

As mentioned before Yukon Gold Casino is a legit company that has been around since the early 2000s when online casinos were on the rise to popularity. Despite scam rumors, they are known to many online gamblers as a friendly and safe site with a wide array of games to choose from. In total, they have more than 550 games, again provided by Microgaming software. Players can either play at the casino through their web browser with Instant Play or they offer a downloadable HD software. They have over one hundred slots available. Some being traditional, 3-reel, and 5-reel, all guaranteed safe play for gamblers without worrying about a scam. They are mostly known for their progressive slots which are said to be the "gold mines" of the casino.

You can also enjoy their game selection on any mobile device provide by iOs, Android, or Windows. Players have the same access to the same games and bonuses on their smartphones or tablet that are on the In-Play version.


Although the scam rumors came from the casinos welcome bonus which consists of 125 spins with a $10 deposit bonus. They also have a second welcome bonus that consists of a 100% match bonus of up $150. It is one of the largest bonus offers there are around the world which is why many people don't believe it's real and call it a scam. They also give bonuses to their consistent players with a loyalty program that has separate tier programs. As a new member, you are automatically put into tier one, and the more points you earn the higher tier levels you go. The higher the tier you get to the bigger the bonuses you receive, and you get access to exclusive games.

Winning Streaks

Yukon gold Casino has some legit winner percentages despite what rumors say. Throughout the years they have had several winners come from the progressive slots machines. Players have won prizes of over a million dollars on several occasions. The winners don't receive their money right away, they have to wait up to 48 hours to withdraw just like the average online casino player. Having a waiting period also proves that they operate as a normal online casino and does not scam their players.

How To Tell if a Casino is Scamming

Although it has been proven that Yukon Gold Casino does not scam their players and is a real casino, players should still always be alert when it comes to scams at any casino. Here are some things that you can look out for when you are playing games or trying out a new casino. The American Casino Guide has a list of casinos that have been properly licensed. Before a player signs up for a site or feels like they may be running scams, they should check that list and make sure the casino is on there.

Check the free offers at the casino that you think you may want to try. Always read the terms and restrictions, wagering requirements, and how much you have pay. Shady casinos also like to lure players with large welcome bonuses just like legitimate online casinos. Unfortunately, most people see those large numbers and fail to read the fine print setting themselves up for a scam. Also, legitimate casinos will automatically provide access to their licensing information and other legal documents right on the website. If you see no sign of any documents about registration or licensing, then the website is probably a scam site.

Withdrawal methods are another way that casinos find a way to scam methods. If you find yourself going through several challenges to receive money that you have won, that could be a clear sign that the casino is not legitimate. If the casino is making you wait a long period of time, they are probably trying to reuse the money to bet on the sites themselves. It's also important to make sure to research the software is from a credible software company such as Microgaming or Playtech. If you see the casino on a company that's not popular amongst other gaming software casinos use it's probably because they are not real.

There are some other key things to look for when making sure you are at a real casino. For instance, If the website doesn't have eCOGRA on it, it's not real. Also, if it is not part of the casino rewards group it is not real if they are not part of the Casino Rewards Group. If they don't have licenses from companies like Malta or Kahnawake which are real UK jurisdictions the website is not real.


Finally, a real casino will never put the faces of actual winners or how much they won on display for the sake of their safety. If you see an online casino doing something like this, then they are trying to scam players. It is highly important to not get too caught up in the thrill of welcome bonuses and sign up without knowing anything about the casino. Thorough research on a casino will prevent you from frustrating mishaps and criminals getting into your bank account.