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The Birth of the Online Blackjack Hall of Fame

It's difficult to pin down any single players for succeeding at gambling games There are so many players who enjoy these games every day and most never play at the same casinos, let alone head to head at the same tables. Still, some enterprising individuals established online blackjack hall of fame, and seven of the most famous and successful blackjack players of all time are honored there.

Launching the List

Blackjack Players has been an incredibly popular game since before the days of the internet. Putting blackjack online, though, has democratized the game in many unforeseen ways, allowing people of all kinds to learn and excel at the game. Still, several passionate fans wanted a way to honor some of the most famous people in the history of blackjack in an online Blackjack Hall of Fame. In 2002, nominations were opened up for anyone to suggest the experts, strategists and professional players who should be honored.

The Hall of Fame

In 2003 Max Rubin, a blackjack expert, and aficionado hosted a party to honor the finalists and announce the winners for the online payouts Blackjack Hall of Fame. Seven members, including strategists Stanford Wong and Edward Thorp, team experts Al Francesco and Tommy Hyland, and mathematician Peter Griffin, were present and honored for their contributions to the development of blackjack as we know it today.

The original seven members of the Online Blackjack Hall of Fame have increased to honor twelve members, including Max Rubin himself. As more people contribute to blackjack's history, that elite membership could expand to welcome more blackjack players and experts.