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Finding Easy Casino Games with Online Baccarat

No casino game is more straight forward or easier to learn than online baccarat. Players can play and excel at the game with only three possible bets. With a low house edge and great payout percentages, it's a surprise that more people don't enjoy online baccarat as their casino game of choice.

The Three Bets

In online baccarat, there are two main players and three main bets. Though any number of players Global Live Casino can join in and place bets, only a banker and the designated player are actually involved in the action of the game. Bettors place their wagers on who they think will have a higher total value on their cards or whether they think the pair will tie. The player and the banker then are each dealt two cards. The total values are added together, and the player with the highest score up to 9 wins. If the totals exceed 10, only the second digit in the total counts toward the score.

Sure Bets

For most players, the obvious choice free casino games is to place their bets on the banker bet. The banker has a slightly higher edge and is the most common winner. Yet, if players place a banker bet, they pay five percent of their winnings directly to the casino. This balances out in the end, and banker bets perform better with a 1.5% edge. Bettors who place a player bet, though, can win more as they do not have to pay the five percent tax.

Oline casinos baccarat is an incredibly easy game to learn. While there can be more interesting and complicated side bets made along the way, these can be learned as the player enjoys the game and wins a little on the side.